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Modern Spartan Systems Posei-Slick

Posei-Clean penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate to remove contaminants, leaving NO residue, even of itself, and opening up the surface to absorb the Posei-Slick. The Posei-Slick penetrates and changes the surface structure of the parts being lubricated. It makes them harder and smoother, which reduces friction up to 85-90% (magnitudes better than other products).

Available in 2oz

Features of Modern Spartan Systems Posei-Slick

  • A smoother feel to the action of the reel (may even sound different)
  • Easier and more reliable casting and retrieving
  • No dirty-greasy mess as with other lubricants
  • Minimize overheating when the “Big One” is making a long run OH YEAH!
  • Excellent in high heat and sub-zero temps
  • Better protected from corrosion
  • Increased time between cleanings (long-lasting effects)
  • Future cleanings are faster and easier (contaminants don’t stick)
  • Protection of bearings, gears from wear equals longer equipment life
  • Less frustration from fewer equipment malfunctions
  • Environmentally and Nose-Friendly
  • Many other uses (engine parts, pulleys, hinges)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY Greater chance of landing “the BIG one”

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