Advanced Armorer's Wrench

The Armorer tool that every work bench needs!  The AR Wrench that will change everything for you!

Functionally Designed to Improve Efficiency

  • Centered Barrel Nut Wrench

  • Opposing Curved Grips

  • Enhanced Castle Nut Wrench

  • Improved Flash Hider Wrench

  • Bottle Opener

  • A2 Buffer Screwdriver

  • Takedown Pin Press

  • A2 Buffer Tube Wrench

  • 1/2" Drive Slots

  • Hammer

  • Hanger Hole

  • 8620 Treated & Plated Steel

The NEW Advanced Armorer’s Wrench is designed to ergonomically increase efficiency!

With its enhanced features from the center designed Barrel Nut Wrench with opposing curved grips to the Enhanced Castle Nut Wrench, you’ll get the job done better than ever before.

Built to last from 8620 Steel, Heat Treated and Plated.

No more tearing teeth!  This tool will amaze you!

U.S. Patent No. D951,750  |  U.S. Patent No. D951,749  |  U.S. Patent No. D949,659