Innovation from Experience

Our Mission

Dedicated to our patriotic customers, Devil Dog Concepts strives to develop innovative products that give the user a great advantage helping them Stay In The Fight!!

Our Story

The founders of Devil Dog Concepts are, if the name didn’t give it away, former U.S. Marines. Camaron, a Bomb Dog Handler, and Bob "Charp" Charpinsky, an Infantryman, each served a tour in Iraq and then they went on to become Police Officers.  Both still active Law Enforcement Officers, a Patrol Sergeant and a Training Officer, they have been teammates on a multi-jurisdiction SWAT team for over decade.

Running drills one day, and after getting tired of the ineffectiveness of the standard charging handle, started wondering how to make the AR platform a Side Charger without having to rebuild or modify the rifle, yet durable enough for Law Enforcement or Military operation. A lot of ideas were brought up until the design for the Side Charging Handle System was created.  Then prototypes were developed over and over until a final product that exceeded our standards was completed and the Hard Charger; AR-15 Side Charging Handle System was born.

Since being released, the Hard Charger has evolved so much and we are ecstatic to be able to now offer 3 different mounting options, 5 different Pull Handle styles and 3 different Steel-Core Pull Handles creating 24 different combinations.  Also, we now offer the M-TAK; Side Charging Handle Kit which comes with a complete Hard Charger, all the mounting options and the 5 different styles of Pull Handles, allowing for 15 different combination set ups of the Hard Charger, all in 1 kit.

Now, we are even more pleased to be able to offer yet another member of the Devil Dog Concepts’ product family, the CHARPS; our Combative Handgunning Pistol Sights. These sights are more amazing that we could have imagined, and as Law Enforcement Officers and SWAT team members, we find extreme value in them. Specially designed for Law Enforcement, Military, and Self Defense to rapidly  charge their handgun off nearly any object at nearly any angle.  Dual serrated front ends and an angled center radius along the front portion of the rear sight allows them to grip nearly anything.  It truly amazing how incredibly they work!  Much more was added to the benefits of these sights; designed with an Enhanced Sight Picture, made with Ultra-Bright Swiss Tritium, Glare Reducing Straitlines, a Press-Fitting Dovetail with Set Screw for added durability, and an optional Front Sight Contrast Color for rapid target acquisition.

We can’t thank each of you enough for your support of not only Devil Dog Concepts and our products, but your support of our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement, the Military, all First Responders, their families, and this country as well! We personally want to thank all of those who currently serve and have served, thank you for your service!

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