MSS Posei-Clean


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Modern Spartan Systems Posei-Clean

Posei-Clean™ – “Premier reel & gear cleaner”

This is your “SURFACE PREP” formula that removes the contaminants that cause wear and damage to the moving parts of your reels. Posei-Clean™ is a phenomenal, penetrating cleaner that deep-cleans away unwanted dirt, old gritty grease, and crusty mineral build-up that negatively impacts the performance and lifespan of your, often expensive, assets. It is also GREAT for cleaning the exterior of your reels, tackle boxes, and other gear.

Available in 2oz

Features of Modern Spartan Systems Posei-Clean

  • Designed to remove dirt, oils and light grease
  • Removes salts, chlorides and minerals
  • Removes natural and synthetic compounds
  • Penetrates deep into the bearings and gears to clean out micro pores and gaps
  • Water-based solvent safe on all metals, most plastics, rubber
  • Earth and people friendly
  • “Grease and Dirt and Minerals HATE this stuff”

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