MSS Blade Oil


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Modern Spartan Systems Blade Oil

MSS Super- Advanced Green chemistry enhances and strengthens metal. BLADE creates an ultra-slick, low stick surface by effectively turning the exposed metal from microscopic sandpaper into glass and reducing friction up to 90% (that is a magnitude of difference). This unique formula is long lasting and will OPTIMIZE the performance of your fixed knives, folding knives, ax heads, scissors, electric shearers, and other cutting tools

Available in 2oz.

Features of Modern Spartan Systems Blade Oil

  • Tangible, palpable, and visual results
  • Retains OPTIMAL sharpness longer
  • Low stick surface keeps blades debris free
  • Super smooth action on moving parts
  • Protects pivot, bearings from wear
  • Protects from corrosion
  • Removes corrosion and the oxidizing molecules that cause it
  • Performs like a dry lube (immune to cold, sand)
  • Long lasting cannot wash/wipe off
  • Lowers friction heat on electric cutters
  • A safe GREEN formula

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