Midwest Fresh Award Winning Spicy Bacon Jam


Award Winning Spicy Bacon Jam 13oz.

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Award Winning Spicy Bacon Jam

Award-winning BEST BURGER SAUCE. Originally created for a restaurant hamburger topping, this one is kicked up with habanero powder.

Bacon Jam has grown into the headliner for Midwest Fresh.

Gooey bacon and onion marmalade/relish, that has more uses than we know about. -think off the grill. Bratwurst, cheese burgers, grilled fish, sauteed vegetables, easy to make into a crust or topping, and great as a dip.

This is the best burger sauce in the USA. Also used for Bloody Mary’s and recently renowned for use on Charcuterie boards.

Will be the spotlight at any gathering or grill party.

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