In the Military, Law Enforcement, Self Defense and Tactical communities, being able to charge your handgun, extremely fast and one handed is a necessity and can make all the difference in that split second.

Devil Dog Concepts’ Patented Combative Handgunning Pistol Sights; the CHARPS™, are designed to do that and more giving you the advantage of extremely rapid one handed charging of your handgun off nearly any object, at nearly any angle!


The CHARPS™ are specially designed with dual serrated front ends and an angled center radius which allow the rear sights to grip gear, clothing, edges of static objects, and practically anything that you have right in front of you, extremely fast, and with nearly no effort or concentration.  This ability to maintain focus on your target and minimize any fine motor skill requirements, gives you a massive advantage in the event you need to charge your pistol one handed.  

The CHARPS™ are designed with an enhanced sight picture and are available with two different color option for front sight rings.  Orange (which offers a contrast for a more rapid acquisition) and White to match the rear sight rings.

The rear portion of both the front and rear sights have glare reducing straitlines and the rear sight also has a press-fitting dovetail and a set screw for added durability.

The CHARPS™ Night Sights are assembled in the U.S.A. with Ultra-Bright Swiss Tritium and have a 10 year limited warranty.  They are made from hardened steel with a black Nitride finish and are manufactured for Devil Dog Concepts, LLC by TRUGLO®.

  • Installation requires Rear Sight Press and supplied Hex Key

  • Currently available in Glock models only

  • If you have any remaining questions, please contact us.

U.S. Patent No.: D838,804