Combative Handgunning Pistol Sights specially designed for Law Enforcement and Self Defense

Stay in the Fight!!

The Patented Dual Serrated Front-Ends and Angled Center Radius along the front portion of the Rear Sight give the ability to charge your pistol, one handed, off nearly any object at nearly any angle!  


The CHARPS™ Sights were specifically designed to allow you to charge the handgun, without slipping, and without requiring you to divide or redirect your attention from your target.  The sights were also specifically designed to help you maintain a compact profile when charging, thereby reducing exposure. 

When using other Rear Sights to charge, you would have to remove your dedicated attention from your target to locate a spot or object you could use, then cant your arm and handgun nearly 90 degrees, and press hard to reduce slippage when charging.  This divided your attention, required fine motor skills, and increased profile exposure.

The CHARPS™ allows you to maintain focus on your target and use Gross Motor Skills dramatically increasing your ability and efficiency to charge your handgun, while at the same time helping you keep a compact profile to reduce exposure.

Place either side of the pistol, thumb or trigger finger side, against an object, then turn your hand slightly away from the object under a 45-degree angle, canting the sights towards the object, just enough to clear the knuckle(s), and then simply push forward.  The Front-End Serrations, (even within and along the Angled Center Radius) will grab and hold nearly any object, at all sorts of crazy angles so that you can charge the handgun.  This removes fine motor skills, allows you maintain your attention on your target, and keeps your profile compact. 

The CHARPS™ has even more benefits to improve your capabilities which include:

·        An Enhanced Sight Picture

·        Ultra-Bright Swiss Tritium

·        Glare Reducing Straitlines

·        Optional Front Sight Contrast Color

·        Increased Rear Sight Retention securing the Rear Sight to the Handgun Slide to ensure the sights do not move when put under extreme stress.


The Enhanced Sight Picture; An incredibly clearer sight picture designed to enhance target acquisition and accuracy.  Factory heights of the Front and Rear Sights maintain the standards for Point of Aim and Point of Impact, while the Enhanced Sight Picture helps reduce your time to target increasing the speed and accuracy of your sight alignment when acquiring your target and hold over.

This was achieved by increasing the Rear Notch width and reducing the Front Sight width a specific amount, then angling the cut of Rear Notch just right.

The Ultra-Bright Swiss Tritium; You won’t believe how bright these Night Sights are!   The CHARPS™ are assembled in the U.S.A. with Ultra-Bright Swiss Tritium that comes with a 10-year manufacturer limited warranty.  The Tritium can be expected to be about half as bright after 10 years.

The Glare Reducing Straitlines; Applied to the back of both the Front and Rear Sights to reduce the glaring effects from bright shooting conditions, or shooting with bright lights behind you, that can reflect off the sights and impair your Sight Picture.

The optional Front Sight Contrast Color; The CHARPS™ Sights come standard with White rings around the Tritium in the Rear Sights and offers two color options to choose from for the Front Sights; White or Orange.   The White creates an even color match to the Rear Sight, while the Orange creates a contrast to the Rear Sight, assisting with an even more rapid target acquisition in both bright and low light conditions.  The Orange color is used specifically due to its attention-grabbing characteristics, but not overpowering boldness that could withdraw your attention from the target.   

The Increased Rear Sight Retention; The CHARPS™ Rear Sights are designed with a press-fitting dovetail that requires a Handgun Rear Sight Press for installation.   The CHARPS™ are further designed with a Set Screw to add retention and rigidity of the Rear Sight placement, helping to ensure that the sight does not move when it is driven against an object.

Made from Hardened Steel and coated with an extremely durable Black Nitride Finish.

Manufactured for Devil Dog Concepts, LLC by Truglo®

10 Year Limited Warranty

Currently available for Glock models only

Not available in Suppressor Height

U.S. Design Patent No: D838,804

U.S. Patent Application No: 29/671,518

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