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Devil Dog Concepts Side Charging Handle System – The Hard Charger®

Make your AR-15 a Side Charger - No Machining, No Modifications

3 Mounting Options


Gross Motor Skills

Ergonomically Beneficial

Combat Pistol Sights – the CHARPS®

Specially designed for LEO, Military & Self Defense - Stay In The Fight!

One Handed Operation 

Ultra-Bright Swiss Tritium

Enhanced Sight Picture

Rapid Target Acquisition

**NEW** Advanced Armorer's Wrench

Functionally Designed to Improve Efficiency

Ergonomically Designed

Increases Efficiency

Enhanced Wrench Designs

Opposing Curved Grips

Simply perfect

Seldom do you buy a product that easily exceeds all your expectations; this is one of them!

Thomas B.

Verified Buyer

Lives up to the hype

100% approved! I run a lot of rounds through multiple uppers and this has ran like butter! Great product by a great group of guys!


Verified Buyer

Innovative Superior Products

The thing I noticed about the two DDC products I’ve bought, CHARPS for my Glock and the Hard Charger for my AR, is that there are none others that compare to the useful innovation and quality. Customer service was also outstanding.

Matthew S.

Verified Buyer

Just what the doctor ordered

I am a disabled veteran with a fused left elbow. As such, my support arm is permanently bent at a 135 degree angle. When my rifle is slung I have - in the past - had difficulty charging my AR without unslinging my rifle. With the Hard Charger, this once challenging task has become easy. A very well made, intelligently designed and helpful product.


David S.

Verified Buyer

Charps Handgun Sights Equal Game Changer

I have used multiple handguns sights over the years from stock Glock, to Trijicon night sights and Trijicon HD. The DDC CHARPS handgun sights have the clearest and crispest dots for aiming and add a tough lifesaving feature to aid in clearing malfunctions with one hand. These sights are solid in their manufacturing and are sure to be a game changer. 

Daniel V.

Verified Buyer

Hard charger

I’ve bought several of the hard chargers and love them, I would recommend them to any rifle owner and I plan on having them on every one of my rifles, thanks devil dog you rock with this amazing product, Rich

Richard K.

Verified Buyer


I had these sights put on my duty weapon and man what a difference. You can instantly pick up the orange front sight at night with no issues. I have racked the slide off of multiple objects from my boot to a wall corner to a door with no issues. Will pass the word on this product to many many people. Thanks!

Brian S.

Verified Buyer

Hard Charger is legit

I recently purchased two the hard charger side charger sets for my duty patrol rifle. They are robust and legitimately work without any problems at all. The system makes operating the rifle much easier and allows for a more positive grasp of the charging handle. It also much easier to operate the rifle from my support (left) side. I operate it the same way I would an AK type rifle. Great product!!!!! And thanks for the phone call and offer to assist me and my agency.

Ian M.

Verified Buyer

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