The 1st Production Pre-Order has completely Sold Out!

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2nd Production Estimated Mid September

Ready to turn your AR-10 / AR308 rifle in to a Side Charger and stop dealing with that original way of charging?  The highly demanded Side Charging Handle System for the 308 Rifle is finally available for Pre-Order!

The 1st Production Completely Sold OUT but you can still save big!

Order yours today and get in on the 2nd Production Run!

Make it a Side Charger.  No Machining - No Modifications


Make your AR-10 / AR308 a Side Charger

Tired of the charging handle on your 308 AR type rifle?  Get rid of it and turn your rifle in to a Side Charger with the Devil Dog Concepts HC-10.  The All NEW HC-10 is the Hard Charger, Side Charging Handle System for your AR10 Rifle!  1st Production SOLD OUT.  Order Now and get in on the 2nd run of HC-10 Side Charging Handles!

Check out this short installation video....

Hard Charger 308

Same Hard Charger Benefits... Now available for your AR-10

Ergonomically Beneficial

Stay on target / return to target faster.  Use larger muscle groups with an easier to grip and manipulate handle.  Don't come down out of your stock-weld and maintain an incredible, positive control of your rifle and firing group at all times.


No knuckle-busting reciprocation here.  Just like a traditional charging handle, the HC-10 does not reciprocate and stays in its forward position until you manually pull it to the rear.

Multiple Ways to Charge

Not only do you get the benefits of using your rifle as Side Charger, you will have a back up option to charge your rifle in the standard way, from the rear of the receiver as if you are using a regular charging handle.

Field Strippable

Requires no tools to disassemble in the field and remove the charging handle, pull handle or rod.  Save time and allows expediency if required to break down the rifle and clear a bad malfunction or obstruction in the chamber/barrel.

Interchangeable from Rifle to Rifle

Does not require you to dedicate the rifle by having to rebuild or modify your AR10 in order to get the benefits of a Side Charger.  Designed to adjust in 3 separate ways to marry up to the specs of your AR10.

Gross Motor Skills

The self-thinking system allows you to not take your attention away from your focus to pay attention on actions requiring fine motor skills such as disengaging the release lever, not over-pressuring roll pin or over-torqueing the charging handle.  Even more so if you are using gloves or have objects in the way such as optics, etc.

Removes Roll Pin Stress & Reduces Charging Handle Torque

The design ensures that not only does it disengage the release lever so you don't have to worry about catching and breaking the tooth, it takes all the pressure off the roll pin so you cannot apply excess pressure and break it.  Furthermore, the dual support design makes it so you cannot over-torque the charging handle as you can do charging in a one-handed, blading fashion.

Plenty of Room for Mounting Optics & Sights

Specifically designed to be able to mount larger optics, mounts, and a BUIS.  The design allows for many, many different optic set-ups and placements.  The handle and receiver position ensures no interference with those larger mounts.

2nd Production Estimated Mid September

The long awaited and highly demanded Side Charging Handle System for the 308 Rifle from Devil Dog Concepts is finally here and available.

The entire 1st Production has sold out but you can still save big!

Pre-order today from the 2nd Production Run and get 30% OFF!!