CHARPS; Combative Handgunning Rear Sight





“Combative Handgunning Pistol Sights”

*Rear Sight Only*

Model Options:

Glock Low: Fits Models 17/17L,19,22,23,24,26,27,33,34,35,38,39,45

Glock High: Fits Models 20,21,25,28,29,30,31,32,37,40,41

Glock: Models 42/43/43X/48

Link For More Info: About The CHARPS®

  • Charge One Handed off nearly any object at nearly any angle
  • Enhanced Sight Picture
  • Ultra-Bright Swiss Tritium
  • Glare Reducing Straitlines
  • Hardened steel and a black Nitride finish.
  • Manufactured for Devil Dog Concepts, LLC by TRUGLO, Inc

The CHARPS® are patented specially designed handgun sights with dual serrated front-ends and an angled center radius which allow the shooter to rapidly and more effectively utilize the rear sights when charging their pistol one handed.

The CHARPS® sights are designed with an enhanced sight picture and are equipped with ultra-bright Swiss Tritium creating a very bright green illumination in the dark and white plastic liners for easy acquisition in the light.

The CHARPS® are manufactured with glare reducing straitline serrations, have a press fitting dovetail and set screw for added durability .

10 Year Limited Warranty on Devil Dog Concepts, LLC sight products for 10 years from the date of manufacturing for original defects in material and workmanship. Note that Tritium illumination decays naturally over time and it should be expected to be half as bright in 10 years. Improper installation or modification may void the warranty.

Products containing tritium are regulated by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and can only be disassemble/serviced by a licensee of the USNRC.

Devil Dog Concepts, LLC assumes no responsibility, expressed or implied for the misuse or mishandling of its products.

U.S. Patent No: D838,804

U.S. Patent No: D857,145

U.S. Trademark Reg. No: 5,903,148

Cannot ship outside of the United States.

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Glock model: Low, Glock model: High, Glock model: 42/43

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